Win more major donors

Kernls makes it easy to share targeted project specific content that helps attract, convert and grow large donors.
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"Kernls provided the ideal platform and the support for one of our major donors to engage his network, raising over $300k."
Image of Nancy Yarmel
Nancy Yarmel
Director of Leadership Giving
Canadian Cancer Society

A major donor won is a $60K increase in lifetime value

See the difference targeted and specific content can make
Showcase your research and convert with built-in lead generation
Help donors match with research that they are excited about
Supply motivated large donors with tools to engage their networks

Kernls delivers

Try a pilot with Kernls to experience the difference targeted and specific content can make

Platform Services

Post projects on
Data integrations — Salesforce, Blackbaud, email automation and donor tracking tools
"Pre-live" project state for donor and Champion recruitment

Development services

Kernls team liaises with research teams and builds project and Champions support assets
Kernls team liaises with research team and creates donor updates
Champion and donor conversion emails — Kernls supplied suite of customized emails, social media and other assets optimized to convert.
Support for Champions peer-peer campaigns maximizing their effectiveness

Do even more with custom features and services

Web Features
Content & Support Services
Unique landing pages for Champions
Personalized and on-demand user support
Custom Champion features
Fundraising assets for you and your donors
Custom tabs for project pages
Bespoke materials for leadership-level activation
Custom design and branding
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