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Help us build a world where individual giving is as core to our identity as the goods we buy, or the work we do.

We’re building a giving platform for the next generation of donors

Donorlist is an online giving platform that matches motivated donors with scientific researchers who need funding. In today's tech forward society, most donations still happen through the mail. Yes, the postal service. Donorlist is changing this cumbersome process by bringing online giving to the next generation of donors. We provide the only transparent way for donors to connect directly with medical researchers to fund, see and share the impact of their work. We’re looking for teammates who are inspired by our mission of making giving online as satisfying as helping in person.
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Our Values

We’re a purpose-driven company
Our founder left his long career in finance as a result of losing parents to cancer and their frustration in connecting with and directly supporting researchers who were working towards a cure. We look for others who share in our mission.

We’re thoughtful
We fund science so it's natural we embrace the scientific method. We devote a tremendous amount of time and energy into setting goals, designing thoughtful processes and constructing creative solutions. Experimentation fuels our progress and we are honest when observed outcomes deviate from initial expectations. Our ideas won’t always work, so we have to embrace those “harsh” realities as opportunities to learn and improve, not to ignore or forget. When we fail, we fail fast and move on to the next idea.

We support your personal goals
Everyone at Donorlist has their own professional goals, and we strive to contribute to that development. We take time to find our team outside mentors, encourage learning and development and take the review and feedback process seriously.
We believe in an idea meritocracy
We understand the importance of continuous and rapid testing and learning. We understand the need to make mistakes, but we need to make them quickly and mitigate risks. This means we embrace a culture of radical transparency. At Donorlist, it's not encouraged to point out how others can be better, it's an obligation.

We know it’s the differences in us that make us strong
We celebrate our interests, both those we share as well as those that set us apart. We have many outdoor enthusiasts but some prefer hiking while others seek aquatic adventures. We have avid readers, podcast enthusiasts, amateur chefs, underwater photographers, and gamers. But, we are all extremely curious and love to ask the hard questions.
💰 Competitive Salary
🌴 Unlimited vacation policy
💼 Company Equity
🕑 Flexible and remote working
📚 A culture of learning and development
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